Enhancements to Singapore’s Work Pass Framework Part 1: Overseas Network & Expertise Pass (“ONE Pass”) 新加坡工作准证框架之改进(系列一):顶级专才准证(“ONE Pass”)

13 September 2022|In Legal Updates

On 29 August 2022, the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”), together with the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Communications and Information, announced four enhancements to Singapore’s work pass framework to better attract top talent and experienced tech professionals in areas of skill shortages.
新加坡人力部 (“MOM”) 、新加坡贸易和工业部与新加坡通信和信息部在2022 年 8 月 29 日联合宣布了对新加坡现有工作准证框架的四项改进,以更好地吸引在技能短缺的领域的顶尖人才和经验丰富的技术专业人士前来新加坡工作定居。

The four enhancements include:

  1. the introduction of the Overseas Network & Expertise Pass (“ONE Pass”);
    引入顶级专才准证(“ONE Pass”);
  2. a new benchmark pegged to the top 10% of employment pass (“EP”) holders;
    引入与前 10% 的就业准证 (“EP”) 持有人有关的新月薪基准;
  3. shorter Fair Consideration Framework (“FCF”) job advertising duration and faster processing time for all EP applications; and
  4. longer EP duration for experienced professionals filling specific tech occupations on the upcoming Complementarity Assessment Framework (“COMPASS”) Shortage Occupation List.

In this article, we set out key details of the ONE Pass. We will discuss the other three enhancements in our upcoming articles.
我们在本文中列出关于ONE Pass的细节。我们将在接下来的几期文章中讨论其他三项改进。 

ONE Pass (顶级专才准证)

The ONE Pass is a personalised, five-year work pass that allows holders to concurrently start, operate, and work for multiple companies in Singapore at any one time. The ONE Pass may be renewed for five years each time, subject to the candidate meeting the eligibility criteria for approval.
ONE Pass是一种个人化的五年工作准证。持有人可以在同一时间在新加坡多家公司同时创办、运营和工作。ONE Pass每次更新可续签五年,但申请者须符合有关批准资格。

As the ONE Pass is tied to an individual, the ONE Pass holder does not need to re-apply for a new pass if he/she changes jobs.
由于ONE Pass是与申请者个人绑定的,因此ONE Pass持有人在换工作时无需再次重新申请新的准证。

Should the individual be granted a ONE Pass, he/she may bring his/her family in with a:
如果成功申请并获得ONE Pass,ONE Pass证持有人可以在符合条件的情况下带着以下家人一起进入新加坡定居生活:

  1. Dependant’s Pass: spouse (legally married) and unmarried children under 21 years old (including those legally adopted); or
    家属准证:合法结婚的配偶伴侣及21岁以下未婚子女 (包括合法领养的子女);或
  2. Long-Term Visit Pass: common-law spouse, unmarried handicapped children aged 21 and above, unmarried stepchildren under 21 and parents.

The ONE Pass holder’s spouse will also be able to work in Singapore on a Letter of Consent.
ONE Pass持有人的配偶也可以通过获得新加坡人力部签发的同意书的方式在新加坡进行工作。

From 1 January 2023, the following candidates may apply for a ONE Pass:
从 2023 年 1 月 1 日起,符合以下条件的申请人可以申请ONE Pass:

  1. candidates who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD30,000 within the last one year (or show that they will earn a fixed monthly salary of at least SGD30,000 under their future employer based in Singapore); or
    在过去一年的时间内每月基本收入至少为30,000 新元的申请人(或表明申请人将在未来从其新加坡的雇主下获得至少 30,000 新元的固定月薪的申请人); 或者
  2. individuals with outstanding achievements in the arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and research and academia can also qualify even if they may not meet the salary criterion.

Overseas candidates must also show that they are working for an established company overseas (i.e. a company with a market capitalisation of at least US500 million or an annual revenue of at least US200 million), or will be working for such a company in Singapore.
目前身处海外的有意向申请ONE Pass的专业人士还必须证明他们正在为海外知名的公司工作(市值至少为 5 亿美元或年收入至少为 2 亿美元的公司),或即将在新加坡为此类公司工作。

Details on the application process will be released by MOM closer to 1 January 2023.
新加坡人力部将在 2023 年 1 月 1 日到来之际公布涉及ONE Pass的具体申请流程。

To ensure that ONE Pass holders are utilising the flexibilities accorded to them to contribute meaningfully to Singapore, the MOM will request the following information from ONE Pass holders yearly:
为确保ONE Pass持有人利用ONE Pass所给予的灵活性为新加坡作出有意义的贡献,新加坡人力部每年都会要求ONE Pass持有人提供以下资料:

  1. details on the ONE Pass holder’s professional activities over the past year; and
    ONE Pass持有人过去一年的专业活动详情;及
  2. the annual salary the ONE Pass holder has earned from all his/her professional activities.
    ONE Pass持有人从其所有专业活动中所获取的年度薪酬。

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